Some Comments from Former Students
Taken from class evaluation forms
Too many calculations.
I enjoyed the course but found (the TA) to be rude and not very helpful.
I feel that Glenn is by far the most patient instructor we've had so far. Classses can become roudy at times and he handles the class in an appropriate manner.
Tests covered the material covered in class without the addition of "trick" questions. This is how teachers should test students.
A great course. Glenn was a great instrustor and knows the subject area well! The text although a little uncecessary is very helpful for this and other classes. The only problem I found was with the TA. What an unhelpful TA. Not only was he unfriendly, incompetant and generally nasty but he made my labs an overwhelming experience. I swtiched labs.
It was such a problem. Glenn, please choose more dedicated TA's. This guy was @#%$. Overall though I really enjoyed the course and instructor. Perhaps more work in the greenhouse and more on hydroponics would be nice. How about field trips instead of those videos for labs.